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Easily create Bangla website

Easily create Bangla website

Where to Create Your Web Page
    There are several sites on the Internet where you can create free websites.
    A few days ago, Google launched a webpage making system easily. But those are free
    There are ads on sites, and they are so colorful
    There are many difficulties to read. There is no advertising for Google. Google's
    I've seen the system using it, and it's very easy to create web pages
    Can you do it. Today Google will write an easy way to create website.
    We have to type in HTML or a language called HTML, but in the case of Google, html
    If you do not have any knowledge about it, you can easily create your webpage.
    However, those who are interested will be encouraged to learn it because the change in the letter can be changed
    Time helps quite a bit.
    First open the page below in your web browser http://pages.google.com
    Login with your Gmail account. If your gmail account is not
    If you have email, then I will send invitations to open new email. Note
    That's Google's system that is so popular that many new users sometimes
    Do not have the ability to login. I also tried it first and failed to make it worse
    Was done. After 4/5 minutes, I tried to login again. So
    Try it a little later and do not worry too much.


    After typing, enter the page and type the publish button directly
    Clicking on your website will be activated in the moment. The webpage
    Addresses are written just below the address page. When the Publishes to ?? (Your address) button
    When you click on the new page will open and see the page you created
    Find out. The address of your website, which is the address of your website. Google usually
    Username. Googlepages.com starts your first page at this address.
    The first page that starts the website is called frontpage or index page.
    In the first page, write down the type of writing that you want to write easily
    You can If you want to save not just by publishing, just save now
    Click the button. Let your friends know this new address.
    You will get 100 megabytes of free space. But this is quite a lot of places.
    Hope you can not finish this by writing a lot of four or five years.
    Write in bangla
    To create web pages like this in Google
    Can you do it. Use Unicode for Bangla type. For Bangla type
    You can use literally, Avro or Ekushey freedom. Details about me
    Read blog bangla computing.
    There is no need to do anything differently. Any system of Bangla type
    Install and use it while writing web pages in Google
    Write. Diameter, there is no complication, no coding, no problem. Google
    Writing in your page title (at the very top it) can be a problem, but in the main part Bengali will not have any problems.


    Link to your website from any other page on the first page
    (link page). First mark the words where you want to keep the link
    Then click on the left link button. Google link can be of four types:


        Your page: The pages that you have created in your website.
        Your files are for links to files that you have uploaded.
        Web address links to any other website
        Email address No email address link

    Layout changes:
    Change your webpage layout and color with Change look and change layout
    Can you do it. There are many templates in Google
    Select template Google's advantage is that once you have created a webpage
    You can easily change colors and layouts through You also left on
    Get the font color and size change button. With them, the fonts like mind
    Change the color.
    Upload file: if you have any
    File (such as Microsoft Word or PDF File) you want to keep on your website
    But by clicking the "upload" button below "Uploaded Stuff" you can
    Upload the file from your computer to Google's website. If the file
    If you want to link, click the link button from the page to link
    You can
    You can read Google's Help section for details on making web pages in Google, which are very easy to write http://www.google.com/support/pages
    Differences between blogs and webpages:
    The blog is basically like online diary or journal, where you regularly talk about yourself
    You can write. And the webpage is a rich part of general information. If you are regular
    Use the blog if you want readers to reach you. And if something special
    If you want to write about, then create web pages. Www.blogger.com for blogging
    You can use a Google-built system. Blogger is the same
    You can write Bengali directly by typing in Bengali. Read this for making blogs in Bangla.
    Embedded Bangla Font
    Actually if you type in Bangla and if the readers do not have Bangla font on the computer
    It will be difficult to see. However, currently Windows supports Bangla xp so xp
    Users will not have problems. But if you have a lot more readers to do
    If you do not want xp to access the message, then your Bangla font is available
    You can embed in the webpage. Embeds the font

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