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The consequences of the misinterpretation of Kalima and worship

The consequences of the misinterpretation of Kalima and worship


From Honorable Emammujjaman  Mr. Muhammad Bayazid Khan Panni

The true meaning of Kalimera - "There is no god except Allah (Lord of the sovereign authority)," and by changing it, there is no god (god), it has been changed, that is, Kalimata has been changed. What has resulted in the consequences of his witness history. People have rejected all the commandments of the nation in the national life, accepting the Jewish-Christian civilization, the Dajjal as God and Lord of the Rubb (Lord). Meanwhile, in person, Salah (Prayer), Zakah, Hajj, Sawam (fasting) and many other works are immersed in compliance, believing that they are worshiping too much. But Allah is in need of this worship? Then what is the actual worship?

The real meaning of worship is that the thing which has been created to do the work is to worship the created thing. The sun has been created to give light and heat, that is its worship and the sun continuously doing it - worshiping it. Allah has created this earth, which is for the work of the earth, mainly to produce trees, crops, fruits, flowers etc. He is doing it irrevocably; Likewise, every creation of water, light, electricity, fire etc. has been accomplished for the work that has been created for it, and has been performing specific worship for it. This is the things created by Allah. The same rules about the things that are made of human beings; The thing that man has created is the worship of that thing. People have created a motor vehicle, the purpose - that thing will take people from one place to another. Doing this thing is a motor vehicle. People are generating electricity for lighting, radio televisions and other instruments. The electricity is doing its work; it is his worship and the power of the radio, the television, the computer etc., the instruments of the machines which do the work of those instruments and they are doing it perfectly. Now we have to see what Allah has created for man and for what purpose. If we understand and understand it, we will understand what our true worship is?

Long before the creation of man, he created the universe and the Maulayak (angels). One day he told Malaiks that I want to establish my caliph in the world (Sura Bakara 30). And despite the gentle objections of the Maulayak, he also created his caliph Adam (B), Bani-Adam (Sura Baqarah 213; Sura Yunus 19; Sura Nisa 1). That is, Adam (A) and we were the people of Allah's caliph. So it is very necessary to properly understand the meaning of the word caliph. Otherwise, we can not understand what our true worship is. The word 'Khalifa' means the representative; The official representative of the sovereign government or the working envoy; The person acting on behalf of the wing; Regent of a king, principality etc. (various dictionaries). That is, if someone employs someone else to do the job without doing any work himself, then that person is his caliph.

For example, if a sovereign king or king appointed a governor for a province of his vast kingdom. The ruler is the king's representative, king's caliph. To make any changes to the king's laws, punishments, economics. If the representative confesses the king's sovereignty, but in spite of the rule of the king, punishments, economics, etc., he commands his own command, but will the king keep him in his position? Recognize him as his representative? Do not just dismiss him by calling him in the capital, and punish him with a severe punishment. If the representative, the governor, the Khalifa publicly declares the sovereignty of the king, also commits the king five times a day, apart from the king's administration, the governing rule, law and order, penal system, economy, and economy governs the king's rule, but the King announces his verbal declaration. Do not pay the Sedi five times, punish him severely. So it is understood that caliphate is someone who employs someone else to do his own duties if he does not do it himself, then he is given a caliph or representation and the person appointed is the caliph. Allah Adam (A), ie man, Adam, was appointed by his caliph, and made his greatness, from the universe only to this world. He said, "Phil Arad" means that there is no other than the universe (Surah Baqarah 30). Then what is the work of mankind on earth as the caliph? What is the duty?

If the man was not appointed as his caliph and representative, then the work of Allah was that man's duty, duties. What is that work? What is the work of God? The work of Allah is the rule. His work is governed by this rule of his universe. He did this work on earth without the help of himself; That is, the people will be ruled by God, his caliph, representative and the world. How would you do According to God's laws, rules and regulations, God rules the universe, and he rules himself for the rule of the world, according to the rules and regulations, rules and regulations governing the rule, and according to his khalifa, Governance will govern. This is your worship that is why I created you.

By creating this universe, His creator, Allah, is directing it according to his own laws, rules and regulations. There is no one in this greatness, there is no thing at all, even at the sole free will. To whom

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