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What is religion and its origins?

What is religion and its origins?


Mohammad Asad Ali


In our society, interests are exploited in many ways by capitalizing religion. By praying, by annihilating the Qur'an, by studying Milad, by janazah, sermon, sermonizing the Oscars of Paradise for the liberation of the Hereafter, Mullah-Maulana earned the money. Many people use religion as a political weapon, using the religious feelings of the people to deal with the political opponents. These are all religions. There is no worldly exchange of religion, its exchange or reward is with Allah alone. But whenever it is priced or religion is in the greed of interest, then it is not religion, it becomes a religion, which is banned in all religions.

Origin of religion:

History of human history is true-false, the history of eternal conflict between right and wrong This conflict has sometimes won the truth and has sometimes been upset. The source of all the facts is Allah Almighty, man has attained the truth in his lifetime. From Adam (i) to the last prophet Prophet (r :), in every society of the world, in every society Allah sent his Prophet, Messenger, incarnation with truth. The truth comes through them, the truth has won, peace has been established in the society.

But for some time after the disappearance of these great men, the distortion of their religion has started entering. There has been a spread of self-interest among the people. In most cases, primary distortion has occurred at the leadership level. Greed, lust, arrogance, and luxury of luxury have led the rulers to the path of crime easily. But even though the refuge of lawlessness, the rulers knew it well that the society would not accept their reproach. Religious general public can stand against wrongdoing at any time. At that time the rulers needed a religious class who would be accountable to the people on behalf of the rulers, to show the wrongdoing of the ruler with proper fatwa in the light of religion, that is, one type of broker class. Of course, their proficiency in religion should be knowledgeable. Because, society will only believe in him, listen and listen to those who have knowledge of religion, who have memorized religious books. History says that it was not enough to find the middle class to find this broker class. Because I have already said that people have entered a little bit of self-interest. And where there is a concern, there is no obstacle in the path of lawlessness, not only in the eyes of the ruler but also in the face of huge wealth, respect and temptation of power. Thus, the religion-based class has emerged among the followers of almost all religions, religion business has become institutionalized.

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