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What will be the consequences of the victims of the religion of religion?

What will be the consequences of the victims of the religion of religion?


Kamrul Ahmad:

The Messenger of Allah has explicitly said who will create liberation in his Ummah. The time will come when - (1) Islam will be the only name, (2) The Koran will be just letters, (3) The mosques are elegant and people will not have any hedges, (4) My Ummah scholars will be under the heavens The worst creature, (5) The creation of them will fall on them. (Hadith: Ali (ra) to Baihaqi, Meshkat.)

The Prophet (peace be upon him) said clearly that the hearts of benefactors will be from the religion. He said that in the last days some people will be born who will use religion as a tool of cheating for achieving worldly interests. They will wear tender clothes like sheep wool in front of the people. The language of their mouths is sweeter than sugar; But their heart will be violent like wolf tiger. Allah will say to them: Are you being deluded by me, or is it being presumptuous to me? My oath! I will bring upon them disaster from them, which will leave them very confused and stunned up to their most tolerant people. (Hadith: from Abu Hurayrah (ra) to Tirimi.)

Fitnah is a terrible thing that raises thousands of wars. We must think about the free mind that any scholars are creating liberation in human society. These are the claimants of the scholar who are using religion for their personal interest. Religion comes from Allah, and Allah is the true form of truth. When people come to know the truth that comes from life and from life to life, then the society becomes peaceful, full of justice. He himself became the figurehead of religion through humanity. Those who, by pursuing religion, make personal pursuits of religion, turn religion into a tool of livelihood, and they lose the power and ability of truthfulness against the prevailing injustice in the society. When he receives benefit from a dishonest person, his head sells it to the money, and religion is also sold. He can not protest against the misdeeds of such a dishonest person, on the contrary, the fatwas of the religion can be used to protect the interests of the dishonest person. Thus, in the name of religion, it becomes prevalent in the society. The religion that came in the name of religion was bad for people's welfare. In order to unite the nation that came, communal violence began in the name of religion.

By making Islam a product, the humiliation of Allah and Rasool has made a group of religious people of this community for hundreds of years, no one else could do it. They are very capable of causing a man to attack the person against a person or group by creating a communal riot by provoking people's religious fanatics. These wizards are not able to do so as Islam created an unprecedented change in the character of barbarous Arabs, they are completely unable to eliminate injustice of the society. Now they can do that, by creating rumors, creating an excitement, creating a sensational environment by provoking religious people of the faith. He has a very limited period of tension. This ignorance and ignorance will end only when the true teachings and ideals of Islam will be manifest in front of the faith common people. They will know that the riot and jihad, the war is not the same. There is no policy for rioting in the policy of war. All the wars of Allah's Ruler had a large army of opposing army from his army. The riots are inverted. A group of weaker sections is scattered in the strength of multiplicity. Human homes were set on fire, if they were murdered, then they were kept in a public spat, and the provocative religious people got away from the law even after serious criminal offenses were hidden behind the law. Political leaders also respect these false religious leaders only to vote. Thus, in the name of religion these centuries have been eating our society in good condition for centuries after centuries. Nevertheless, anxiety, irrationality, well-being have overwhelmed the religion of the Muslim nation, in such a way that they have lost their courage and mentality of raising that question to themselves, thinking about how well their religion is coming to them, in the Hereafter whether they can take them to Paradise.

They need to be relieved of the creativity of these thoughts, another Renaissance. They lost the path 1300 years ago, forgot the destination. Shariat, Marefat, Ferka, Majhaab lost in the deep forest. Now a lot of ways have been created. Someone has been a self-proclaimed pir, someone has been a terrible militant, someone is a political Islamist, someone wants to go to Paradise on a personal occasion. In the meantime, people will get peace in the world by practicing a system and in the Hereafter, the Paradise will be attained, which is the right path? Finding that path has now become inevitable for the Muslim population.

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