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Hezbut Tawheed's huge public rally at Khilgaon in the capital

Hezbut Tawheed's huge public rally at Khilgaon in the capital

"Today Muslims have been targeted all over the world. Due to the misinterpretation of Islam among Muslims, a negative connotation is being circulated against Islam in the world due to the withdrawal of the true God of Islam and the anti-Islamic activities which are not Islamic teachings. And the ossila is spreading hatred against the Muslims of the world, the way of imperialist aggression is being expanded. "The speakers said this in a discussion organized by the Hezbut Tawheed against terrorism and terrorism in the capital. The meeting was held at the Jafarpukur grounds of the Khilgaon Police Station on 3 February, 2014 at 3pm. Hezbut Tawheed General Secretary Presided over by Mashiur Rahman, the Chief Speaker was present at the meeting, Hameed Mohammad Mohammad Selim of Hezbut Tawheed attended. In the context of different religious divisions of the people of Hezbut Tawheed, he said, "One of the world's 800 million people believes in Allah, believes in the Prophets, believes in the scriptures, ie religious people. Another share does not believe in God and the Hereafter, the materialist world is considered to be the last and the final. The total number of these non-believers will not exceed 100 crores. But the number of believers is at least seven hundred crore. These devout people today do not do much to get Allah, to get to God, to go to Paradise in the Hereafter! Someone is going to the mosque to get Allah, is praying, someone is going to the temple, doing poems, someone is going to church, reading the Bible, someone is going to Pagoda, Buddha is reciting patronage. Everyone thinks that they will go to Heaven only in Paradise, others will go to hell. My question is, going to heaven, the road to heaven is so many? Going to so many places to get Allah, is the path to God so many? Can never be Besides, the people of Third World War are playing trumpets to destroy the world, how they hope to get God? How to expect to go to the garden? No, they are not getting peace in the world, nor can they go to Paradise. Only Paradise will be met if it is decided that all of us are human, we are children of Adam, we all are brothers. We all decided that we would not be commanded by anybody except by Allah's permission.

He cited the heart-shaped picture of the Muslim nation and said, "One Allah, one Messenger, one of the followers of the Book, we were following. The Messenger of Allah, who worked hard, stamped his stomach, ate the tree, and abused the persecuted and made the Mohammadi that he had created. That was a united nation. There were no divisions, there was no backlash, there was no madhhab, there was no difference. But today we have been divided into thousands of factions, factions and tanks. Shi'a does not mean Sunni, Sunni does not mean Shi'a One pir does not mean the other pir Thousands of political parties have been created in the name of religion. The different programs of each team, the different creed, one istehar If there are fifty groups in the name of Islam, there are hundreds of groups in the name of Islam. Again, in Para, district, district police stations, different madrasas, Mtaba etc. One does not have to deal with one another. My question is, can there be so many ways to go to Paradise? Did Allah's Messenger come with so many ways? Hidayah is so many? Never The road to Paradise is only one. The Messenger of Allah one day said, the Jews were divided into seventy-two, my Ummah would be divided into three groups. But except for one share, the rest will be hell. The disciples asked, Which is the only part of the Paradise? The Messenger said, "Whom I and my disciples are on." Then how many paths of Paradise? Of course one. We have lost that way, so much so much today, so many paths, so much love. The interpretation of Islam is being given in a different way. Using the same verse, each one is dragging. Humans are bombing in the chest, the politics of the vote is going on. People are being misled by the laws of Allah, the laws of the Qur'an, the laws of the law, and so on. Now everyone will have to decide - What is the religion, the communal, that self-interest, those non-rationalists, what those militants say, what Allah said, it is not to accept Tawheed as anyone else than Allah.

He said, "When I speak in different public meetings, many people say that you talk about the right to vote, the right to vote, the rice pulses, now the militancy, the crisis of imperialism is not the number one crisis. We want to say, goodbye! Either you have misunderstood the original crisis, or you can not solve it because you want to avoid it. No, not Chaldal's crisis, not a vote crisis, the crisis of existence is now the number one crisis. Can you protect the country with the right to vote? Can not Can control the value of the country to protect the country? Can not Saddam could not, Bashar al-Assad could not, Muammar Gaddafi could not. If a group of people does not leave all the interests and is not united against any kind of injustice, then it will not be possible. You have not been able to understand this crisis. Many minor problems are promoted with importance, but the real crisis is kept hidden.

At the beginning of the discussion, the speaker briefed the president of the program Hezbut Tawheed General Secretary Moshiur Rahman. Besides, the chief guest of Dhaka Metropolitan Hezbut Tawheed was present as special guest. Ali Hossain, Narayanganj City AL Vice President Rokon Uddin Ahmed, Daily BajroShakti

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